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Xenohunter's Bundle

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Expansions: Xenohunters Universe Expansion

Be Hunters or Aliens in this sci fi horror boardgame! Join a female mercenary squad fighting xenos outbreaks on the galactic frontier


Cybernetics and Mutations Tactical Expansion Deck 

This limited edition deck of Hunter Cybernetics and Alien Mutations allows you to deepen the tactical elements of the game for a greater level of roleplay and replayability. These aren't included in the main game as their effects are fun but can be unbalanced in certain combinations, so we trimmed them out of the deck. However, because of the entertainment value, we decided to make them a seperate extra choice for you so you can choose to add a spicy extra chaos option if you so desire.

20 x Cybernetics cards allow Hunters to swap out the random weapons you draw at the start of each mission with permanent bonuses and special abilities. Effects include Leg Boosters, Subdermal Armour, Ziplines, Vent Access, Heat Vision, Wall-Piercing Bullets, etc. These Cybernetics also carry over to future missions if you are playing in Ironman Mode. 

20 x Mutations augment your xenos horde through extra abilities or stat buffs to your Alien, and/or increasing the survivability and capability of your Hybrid Spawn. Effects include Tail Drag, Extra Speed, Poison Fangs, Acid Spit, Chameleon, Phase Abilities, and so forth.


"Exodus" - a Choose Your Own Roleplaying Adventure card game, set in the Xenohunters Universe!

Exodus' Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Game Cards

Campaign with your friends through each mission to unlock the secrets of the Xenohunter universe. 

Where did these mutative effects come from? 

How could an alien outbreak such as this spread so quickly? 

Is there something more sinister behind their sudden appearance? 

... does your team know more than they say? 

Exodus' plot structure moves throughout the cards, allowing you to split up and adventure before looping back together

Discover unique clues tied to each Xenohunter's backstory, only available in Exodus.



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