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Relics: A Game of Angels Tabletop Roleplaying Game - Hardcover Rulebook

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A totally unique storytelling game of mystery, mythology and memory. Players take the roles of fallen angels, trapped on earth, abandoned by God and desperate for answers. Award-winning game designer Steve Dee has created a deep and terrifying universe of religious horror complimented by tarot card mechanics that encourage shared character-building and deeply immersive play.

Trapped on Earth. Abandoned by God. Desperate for Answers.

Relics: A Game of Angels is a new roleplaying game from multi-award-winning designer Steve Dee. Players take the roles of fallen angels, descended to earth to fight a cold war against dangerous and powerful demons, stalking them and guarding humanity over the entire span of human history. Until now, their powers were muted and their actions hidden in shadow, but God has now left Creation, and with Her departure the ancient powers of angels have returned to their full strength. The cold war has become a blazing hot arms race and whoever controls the Relics will soon control the world - and decide its fate in a world without a God...

Relics needs two or more players and a Game Master to run. Hard cover, 300 pages, colour cover and B&W interior. You also need a standard tarot deck (sold separately) to play.


- Evocative and deep horror setting

- Simple rules – great for beginners

- Gorgeous black and white art

- Use of tarot deck instead of dice

- Unique indie-style shared storytelling

- Scenarios and supplements already available

- Expansion Kickstarter coming October 2021


Number of Players: 2+

Components: 1 x Hardcover Rulebook

Roll20 Mod available:







"If you enjoy story, if you enjoy evolving narratives, and if you enjoy working with the people around you more often than not, I’d recommend Relics to you in a heartbeat."
- Ryan, Australian Tabletop Gaming Network

"I absolutely love this! Tin Star knowingly created a product that is deep and rich and then thrusts it into the owners hands and says.. MAKE IT YOUR OWN!"
- Runkle Plays Games

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