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Pocket Game Design Kit - A Make 100 Project

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Build your own games with this handy kit, packed with everything the budding game designer needs to delight and entertain their friends!

This is a collection of game pieces in a small mint tin that you can easily carry around with you and whip out of your pocket or bag when you need something to help you visualise your latest game idea.  Quite often you are struck with an idea for a game and just need a few cards, some dice, or some pieces to push around so that you can think through some aspects of your idea.  The Pocket Game Design Kit was designed so that you can do exactly that.

With 4 'sets' of pieces in 4 different colours, this kit will let you work your way through most design hurdles that you come across in those early stages of designing a game.  There may not be as many bits as your final design will need, but just being able to physically move pieces around can help clarify and solidify the concepts bouncing around in your head.