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Animal Empire Roleplaying Game - Softcover Rulebooklet

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Number of Players: 2-8

Age Group: 8+

Time to Play: 60-120 Minutes

Animal Empire RPG is a simple tabletop game that can be enjoyed by both new and experienced RPG players. Set after the fall of humankind, the Animal Kingdoms are rising up to conquer what remains of the Earth and sending out adventuring parties to stake out land, explore uncharted territory and claim ancient Magnon Tech.

Gain experience with every action, utilize your unique skill set and advance your Kingdoms goals in this exciting, novel Role-Playing Game.

The War has ended, The World has begun.

Human civilization has fallen into dispersed Magnon tribes and the Kingdoms of Animalkind have raised to sentience and are taking command of the ruins left on the world

In Animal Empire the system was developed with the theme in mind and provides plenty of tools for GM’s to build a rich world in which to play, as well as providing a few sample adventures to get you started.

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