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Click to join the Final Day for our Gatherers: Tiny Kingdoms RPG Gamefound Campaign!

Pre-Loved Marketplace for Tabletop, Miniatures, Boardgames and Cardgames

Do you have a boardgame you’d like to sell? 
Is there a particular game you’ve been looking for and/or seeking second-hand? 

Our Pre-Loved Marketplace is the place to list your game and have it automatically picked up from your house and shipped to your customer, nice and easy.

To list your game, send us a message at

What information do Sellers need to provide?

Genuine photos of the game box and all the components spread out on a flat, well-lit surface. Any damage, scuffs, marks, and missing components must be clearly photographed and declared in the listing. Buyers need to understand that some of these games may have been very well loved, but we won’t allow anything that’s falling apart to be listed! 

How does shipping work?
We use Sendle to arrange courier pickup from the seller’s house and delivery to the buyer’s location. The seller needs to provide a box for their game to be sent in. The shipping label must be printed and stuck or taped to the package before pickup. These pickups are usually scheduled for the next business day, but this can be changed by request. Delivery usually takes 2-5 business days, depending on whether you live in metro or rural areas. This will affect the cost as well, but it generally less than $10 but never more than $20 within Australia.

Can these games be sold and shipped internationally?

No, at present  we are only offering the Marketplace to Sellers and Buyers in mainland Australia.  

Where will the listing be posted?

Listings automatically post to the Half-Monster Facebook Shop, Instagram Shop, eBay, Shopify, in emails and our regular social media advertising, so you can save yourself a few steps, or double up your reach to get those games moving. 

Does it cost to sell?

Half-Monster takes a 10% commission of the purchase price, not including the shipping price - that goes directly to arranging transportation of your game between sellers and buyers. 

Does it cost extra to buy?

It does not - the 10% commission is taken from the sale price before it is sent to the seller, after delivery and condition have been confirmed .

How do HMG handle fraud and false advertising?

We hold the funds until delivery and condition are confirmed by the buyer. If the game never arrives, or it is missing pieces that weren’t disclosed prior, or is just totally wrong, the customer is refunded in full (including the shipping) at their request. The seller will be reviewed and possibly blacklisted, so they cannot list on our store again. 

How can I list?

Send a message to and we’ll get in touch about getting your game up on our store!

Orcish Trader - Artist Unknown - please let us know! We want their details

Image: Orcish Trader - Artist Unknown. If you know the artist please let us know!