Private Game Design Services

Private Game Design Services 

Information Sheet

For standard rates of $4800 per step, Half-Monster Games can take you through a tried and tested five-step process that results in a final physical prototype version of a playable tabletop boardgame, that can be immediately and affordably manufactured and distributed at any scale, from 100 to 100,000 or more copies. The average retail value of a boardgame is between $25 and $125, and manufacturing cost of between $3 and $25 per copy, depending on scale and complexity. 

Step 1: Design and Requirements Interview


- In this step we will arrange a meeting with you and find out your requirements, goals, needs and ideas, and all of the particular aspects you have for your project. 

- These could be aims like needing to feature a specific STEM theme, to have educational value, low cost, luxury appeal, extensive distribution, use of a specific artist, and so forth.

- The average number of players (between 1-99), age range, theme, style, and so on are pencilled in during this stage. 

- We will then work with you to find your initial ideas and also brainstorm the general structure of the game to move forward with initial prototyping and testing

Step 2: Prototype Development and Iteration 


- Next, I take the requirements, ideas and suggestions and create a functional, playable hand-made prototype that can be played by the client

- Through digital or in-person review, the game is presented and moved onto further development or scrapped and reiterated, whichever the client prefers. 

- This process is repeated as many times as is needed to make something that the client feels suitable to their needs

- Opportunities for AR/VR integration will be identified and quoted for at the client's preference. If desired, work will be project managed in tandem with the development of the core physical boardgame

Step 3: Funding Planning and Manufacturing Quotation


- Quotations for mass distribution are found, and the best suited and most affordable options presented to the client

- Multiple budgets for artwork are produced, based on number/size of pieces and desired experience level of the artist

- Planning for a Kickstarter or other crowdfunding endeavour are begun, completed, and run, if desired. 

- Private funding is usually easier, and if available, the time that would be used for crowdfunding can be used instead for pre-promotion to retailers/distributors/schools/target audiences. 

Step 4: Focused and Final Development


- Multiple prototypes are rapidly produced that improve the game quickly, and iron out any bugs in the design and final visual presentation of the game. 

- We will project manage and liaise with artists, graphic designers, writers, editors, and venues to maximise outcomes towards these goals

- Several dozen playtests are run, with both online and in-person audiences, to gain and integrate feedback to improve the game. - If designer, review copies are produced and mailed to reviewers around the world for both text and video review

- Final manufacturer-grade prototypes are quoted and produced, quality-checked, and made available to any address the client desires

Manufacturing Quotation Information

Manufacturing can be completed through our network of factories or through your own. We have contacts in Shenzhen, China, who produce most of our games, and also a local Brisbane company that can produce games in Australia for a slightly higher manufacturing fee, but of equivalent quality, much faster, and potentially qualifying for the Australian Made trademark and government grants for projects that support local industry. 

The cost of manufacture is separate to our manufacturing fee, and will depend your desired scale and complexity of the game, the quality of materials, the quantity, and so on. A rough series of estimates for quantities and costs is found below, converted to AUD from our own USD quotes. The actual cost may be higher or lower depending on external factors outside of our control:

Manufacturing in China

Quantity & Rough Manufacture + Shipping Cost per Unit

Game Scale












Trust Me I’m a Doctor












Step 5: Integration into the Half-Monster Games Global Sales and Distribution Network

- The final step, if desired, is integrating the game into our website, Facebook and Instagram ads, retailer sales process, distributor bulk-buy process, in-person sales mechanisms and all other means of sale and distribution at our disposal- Stock of the game can be held in the USA, Hong Kong, and Australia for immediate global distribution to customers, retailers, distributors, organisations, the client, events, or any other client requirement - This is an ongoing phase that continually distributes and sells amounts of the game, with the majority of revenue going to the client 

Note on Service Selection

Any element of any step not used will not reduce the fee, as the extra time will be used for extra effort to be applied to the other Steps to ensure maximum quality based on the requirements of the client.