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Who We Are

Half-Monster Games creates board games, card games, roleplaying games, tabletop games, RPGs, wargames, virtual reality experiences, and custom games for corporate and private clients.
We also host as many fun local events in Brisbane and around Australia as we can, including running convention megagames at Supanova, PAX, OzComicCon, CanCon, and Dice/AGE.
We make exciting, new games and aim to be the best in the world at what we do.

Playing with friends, building communities, and helping the environment are primary Half-Monster goals as well, and so we aim to make our games in as sustainable, environmentally conscious and environmentally friendly ways as possible.

Jorc and Corc have led the Half-Monster horde since 2014, when they began playing boardgames together over Skype while Callan was in Japan.

Since the Warlord Operations (Callan) returned to Australia, they’ve been making, playing, and testing games and building up the warband from a one-day a week hobby to a full-time campaign across multiple continents.

Petorc joined the team as a Salesorc in 2021, and heralds the banners to merchants and businesses far and wide.

Mazorc has come on board as Executive Primary First Assistant to the Warlords, helping turn the heavy wheel of progress as the horde marches ever onward. Her job title expands by approximately one extra adjective per fortnight.

Harry Half-Orc, son of Enruoblem, convenes via magic crystal from faraway lands, with battle plans for expansions and for spreading the word of the Horde far and wide. He also summons figures from thin air through his extradimensional magicks

We don’t have portraits for the countless players, partners, friends, family and collaborators that we work with, but they’re the most important - orcs like you, young or old, joining on this great adventure together! Thank you for joining us on this campaign. May your victories never end!