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Half-Monster Games Digital Gift Card

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$10.00 - $100.00
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Grab a gift card quickly and easily to let your friends, loved ones, and enemies enjoy and/or recoil in horror at our range of monstrous games!

  • An excellent gift for games enthusiasts
  • Just in time for Christmas
  • Not sure what to get? Waiting for a specific release? Grab a gift card!
  • Valid for 1 year
  • Supports Australian business!

To send a gift card, just register the name and email of the person you'd like it to go and it'll be sent right to them. 

Can be used on all our current and future games, such as:

  • (UPCOMING) The Gatherers: Tiny Kingdoms Roleplaying Game
  • (UPCOMING) Hope for Humanity: Be the UN in Space!
  • (NEW) Xenohunters
  • Trust Me I'm a DoctorSurgeons at Sea and Witchcraft and Wizardry TMIAD Expansions
  • Trust Me I'm a Superhero
  • Sexy Superhero and Silly Superheroes TMIASH Expansions
  • Animal Empire
  • (UPCOMING) Animal World War
  • Virtual Reef Diver: Tabletop Edition
  • (NEW) Baby Dragon Bedtime by Steve Dee of Tin Star Games
  • (NEW) Exodus: An Interstellar PATHWAYS Interactive Narrative Adventure
  • Relics: A Game of Angels by Steve Dee of Tin Star Games
  • Pocket Game Design Kit by Sean Fenemore of State of Mind Games
  • (UPCOMING) Three Days to Die
  • (UPCOMING) Chain Reaction: Cryptocurrency Traders
  • and more!

Particularly good for bundles like these: 

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Half-Monster Games Digital Gift Card