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(PREORDER) The Legend of the Golden Orb Card Game - A Gatherers: Tiny Kingdoms PATHWAYS Interactive Adventure

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Discover the threat lying in wait in the darkness recesses of your kingdom behind the walls - a dangerous creature with murderous intent, hell bent on claiming the last key to ultimate power.

The Legend of the Golden Orb is a choose your own adventure story with an interactive narrative twist - you and your friends can split up and go your separate ways, find items, and come back together at Nexus points to continue your story together. 

Written by local Brisbane author Jake Thomas. More stories will be written in this series, allowing each ending to be continued by your characters and choices in the game!

Expected Delivery: December 2021



- A Choose Your Own Adventure Story for both solo play or with friends

- Choose one of 8 classes, each with unique choices in the story

- Split up to gather items and come back together to continue 

- Cooperative Gameplay

- Quick to Learn

- All Ages



Number of Players: 1-8

Age Group: 8+

Time to Play: 15-60mins

Components: 1 x 72 tarot-sized cards

Caution: contains images of spiders and webs. If you suffer from Arachnophobia it is not recommended to purchase this game.  




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Additional Information:

This PATHWAYS Interactive Adventure game takes you on a rich journey into the world of the Gatherers: Tiny Kingdoms! our tabletop roleplaying game where you become tiny heroes just two inches tall, who live in our attics, cellars and walls. 

It functions extremely well as an "origin story" style game where the characters you create can be made into characters in the roleplaying game. 

Take a look at The Gatherers: Tiny Kingdoms Roleplaying Game Gamefound Crowdfunding Campaign here


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