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Kleptokittens! [PREORDER]

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Picture this, I am standing at my doorway, it's a beautiful, sunny day outside. My cats are enjoying the garden, I'm talking to my neighbour about life, the universe and everything when suddenly my boy cat Urian, lets himself into Maggie's house, jumps onto her kitchen counter and steals the biggest pork sausage I've ever seen, carries it back out to where we are standing and EATS the whole thing right in front of her!

The great Sausage Theft

I was mortified, he'd just stolen her lunch! She took it with good grace and assured me that she was just trying to get rid of those sausages, so was relieved he'd eaten it and we had a good laugh, but I would like to make this card game in dedication to that moment and gift my good natured neighbour a copy.

Medea and her feather obsession

This is where Kickstarter comes in.

My hope is to deliver to you, an adorable card game, filled with kitty treasures, spray bottles and catnip for you to play with your family and friends. This is a memory game with an added 'push your luck' mechanic. There are treasure tokens for when you find a matching pair and a little stash card for you to keep them.  It's purrfect for cat lovers and people with young families wanting something easy and cute to play.


You can see how to play from the demo below, please note this is the prototype version, so art shown isn't final. You can try the game for yourself on Tabletop Simulator here

With many thanks to Sir Thecos for the review/how to play. Please note, since this was created, I made a newer version with the new art and updated rules, but the gameplay doesn't change dramatically.  Please make sure you give him a like and subscribe. 

Review by Purple Phoenix Games
Thanks to Brian from WV Gamers for the lovely review

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